• Welcome

    You've reached Johannes Raassina, music producer, mixer, engineer. Welcome to my spot!
  • Inspiring Instruments

    Every studio has software synths... We as well, but we also have guitars, basses, vintage keyboards and percussion instruments. Sometimes you just need to pick up the real thing to create something truly original.
  • Great Gear

    Microphones by Manley, Neumann. Pres by API, Langevin. They sound amazing and inspire amazing performances.
  • Reference Grade Monitoring

    Pro Tools HD, Apogee converters and monitoring by JBL.

About Johannes

  • Johannes Raassina +

    Johannes is a freelance engineer and producer. He holds a degree in recording from Berklee College of Music, is a voting member of the Recording Academy Producers & Engineers Wing, as well as a registered composer with ASCAP.

    He has worked with Justin Bieber, Rita Ora, Nathan Sykes, Meghan Trainor, Hot Chelle Rae, Mike Posner, Zendaya, Sirah, Erik Hassle, American Authors, Jake Miller, Elizabeth & The Catapult, Via Audio, Luna Achiary and many others. He is also known for his mixing and production work with rock band Shaimus, which earned placements in film, television, and video games. Read More
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